Medical Centre and Clinical Laboratory

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Land Purchased

On the 1st June 2010, 3264 square feet of land was purchased but that wasn’t sufficient for the purpose required. A further 3264 square feet of land was therefore purchased making a total of 6528 square feet. This land is adequate for a Medical Centre, Special Needs school and a Masjid- which is now in construction. This land is in the center of Jinnah Town and Model Town- B (which is a highly populated area) enabling the residents to use the facilities of the Medical Centre and the Public Learning Centre as needed.

Medical Centre

The plan is to build a Medical Walk-in Centre to facilitate the public with free basic treatment, particularly with diseases which are gaining epidemic proportions in the region. A lot of people are suffering with malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis-c, diabetes, cancer and cannot afford the treatment. Our aim is to help them with the treatment.

  • To provide FREE medicine to those who cannot afford medical care.
  • To provide FREE medical check-ups for poorer people.
  • To provide FREE eye check-ups for poorer people.

Clinical Laboratory

The medical centre will be equipped with a clinical laboratory for blood tests, urine tests, x-ray, ultra sound and scan etc. Our aim is to help them by providing free medical tests.

  • To provide FREE blood tests.
  • To prvide FREE urine tests.
  • To provide FREE x-rays, ultra sound, scans etc.