Water Project

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Our aim is to offer help by installing water pumps where needed and also by providing water storing devices and tanks.

By the grace of Allah, we are happy to say that we started this project with the donation of one 12 year old girl, Zara Iqbal, with a big heart, who gave us £250. We are really appreciative of this kind gesture and we are very grateful towards the Iqbal family, especially because they had the courage to make the first donation and be the ones to start this project.This enabled us to install four water pumps and provide four villages with clean water. The first installation of water pumps started on 15th March 2013.

We are also immensely grateful towards Saif-Ur Rehman and Saeeda Akhtar’s family, as they donated enough money for the installation of two water pumps. This means that one family managed to provide two villages with clean water!

Another donater who we wish to thank is Mrs. Shameem Rashid, who has donated enough money for the installation of one water pump. We send our prayers and duas to the Rashid family and hope that they are always happy.

Yet another person with a big heart, Mrs. Khurshid Saleemi, also donated the required amount to install one water pump and provide several people with clean water. We send our thanks to the Saleemi family who cared enough to make a difference.

These are just some of the numerous children and families who are being benefited by these donations.