Our Aims and Objectives

To set up medical centres in those areas where none exist so basic medical treatment can be provided for children and elderly people. A lot of people are suffering with diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis-c, diabetes and cancer. These diseases are gaining epidemic proportions in the region and people cannot afford the treatment. Our aim is to help them with the treatment.

  • To provide sponsorship of families affected by natural disasters.
  • To provide legal support and assistance to suppressed and under privileged people.
  • Our objective is to provide relief for vulnerable people in society, particularly the elderly, the disabled, the sick, the blind etc.
  • To advance education of children in areas of need in Pakistan and other deserving parts of the world.
  • To provide welfare for animals by setting up institutions and educating people about animals that they are God’s creation and should be treated with respect.
  • To establish, run and manage media like TV channel, radio and printing presses (pamphlets, posters, advertisement etc),

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