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We have received a request from brother Atif from Austria for assistance with the setup of a masjid in Vienna, Austria.

We met brother Atif on our last convoy trip to assist the refugees in Europe in December 2015.

We spent a couple of days with him and the rest of the brothers at the refugee camp in Salzburg. They were providing three meals a day for over 500 people a day at the time. Brother Atif and Afzal Video

As you are aware the refugee situation has changed. The flow of refugees has stopped due to a number of borders preventing them from entering Europe. Austria was the first European country the refugees would reach and then were distributed across other countries. The situation is that a number of refugees are now trapped in Austria. A number of them have now decided to seek asylum in Austria and have settled there. This has increase the demand for Muslim prayer facilities.

The brothers have purchase a property in Vienna (262 Linke Wien Zeile Vienna 1150) for €85,000. The facility is 180 square meters in size which will cater for approximately 200 people. This will also have a separate prayer area for sisters and will operate classes for children.

They have set themselves a target to have the facility ready for Ramadhan this year, so they can perform Taraweeh prayers.

Firstly we request your dua’s that they are successful in establishing this facility and secondly we humbly request your donations for this project, which is estimated to cost €30,000. Finally please forward this message to family and friends.

May Allah swt accept whatever contribution we make towards this project and enter us all into the highest levels of paradise without any punishment for our deeds or accountability for our deeds. Ameen.

We will be operating a 100% donation policy and your donations will be delivered by hand. A number of brothers from the UK will go in person to deliver the funds at their own expense.

Donations can be collect in person or you can pay into the UK registered charity account, details below. Deadline for donations 31st March 2017

Global Public Welfare Trust
Charity registration number: 1142279

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Global Public Welfare Trust
Sort Code: 40 42 11
Account Number: 31488538
Reference: VIENNA

For more information contact:

Gaulib Saab (MultiBrand – Bradford): 07966 286648

Haji Nasir (Life Aid – Bradford): 07943 720111

Aisf (A M Electricals – Blackheath): 07901 772215

Saqib (Zak the Ripper Boxer – Blackheath): 07514 507874

Farooq (Derby): 07522 666928


Mohammed Gulnawaz (Birmingham/Luton): 07986 847275

Walikum Assalaam