European Refugee Aid Project

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We are all aware of the numerous travesties sweeping across Europe, particularly the refugee crisis, which is becoming a growing problem. Our mission is to offer aid in the form of medical care, warm clothing and food rations.

This help is aimed towards the refugees in areas such as Macedonia, Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Germany and France. Please come forward; it is with the help of your kind donations that we will truly be able to make a difference. For more information on the desperate and devastating state of the men, women and children affected by this crisis, please visit:


Mohammed Gulnawaz bravely embarked on a journey across Europe on the 17th of December, which, Alhamdulillah, was made possible by your kind blessings and donations. GPWT was able to reach Macedonia, Austria, Serbia, Hungary, France and Germany, and we have truly been able to better the lives of refugees through hands-on work. You can learn more about the journey here: European Refugee Charity Aid Convoy


You can find out more about the Macedonia refugee crisis here.

Below are some images from our team that travelled around Europe: