United Kingdom Team:

Fund Organiser

Hafiz Shahid Naseem Khanpuri 

Managing Director (Medical Projects)

Dr Khalid Iqbal (General Practitioner)

Managing Director (Orphans Projects)

Dr Faisal Matin (General Practitioner)

Finance Director

Mr. Mahboob Ahmed (Licensed Accountant & Tax Advisors)

Food and Clothing Project Manager

Mrs. Salima Ahmed

Water Project Managers

Mr. Majid and Sheraz 

Treasurer and Webmaster 

Mr. Mohammed Gulnawaz (IT Specialist)

General Secretary

Mr. Murtaza Butt

Pakistan Team:


Haji Zahid Pervaz

Chief organiser

Hafiz/Qari Mohammed Anwar


Dr. Mohammad Yousaf

Secretary Finance

Faisal Aziz

Project Manager

Mohammad Ajmal Saeed


Ather Aziz